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Having problems downgrading Nvidia driver to 460.39

I’m triyng to downgrading the Nvidia driver to 460.39 to reach better performances. I have 6 3060ti, the problem is that after the driver are installed successfully, HiveOs won’t boot up anymore.
I explain my method:

  1. Enter in maintenance mode
  2. Reboot
  3. Start Hive Shell
  4. nvidia-driver-upgrade 460.39
  5. Wait until the operation ends successfully
  6. Exit maintenance mode
  7. Reboot

After the last one reboot hive os won’t boot. I tried this method more than one time and the result is always the same.
Can anyone help me?

If new gen 3060 (2504), that drive don’t recognize the board !
At maintenance mode
#nvidia-driver-update --list
install anything above this one

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I thought about this problem… I tried “nvidia-driver-update —list” and the 460.39 driver is listed, so I really don’t understand where I am failing.

if your card is a new generation 3060, the internal identification changes and this driver cannot be used, it does not recognize the card!

Thank you!

Did you manage to solve it?

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