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Having driver problems with RX580 8GB

I have a problem. I have 4 GPUs i need to reinstall drivers on 1 of them but i cant because when i turn on my rig it all goes when it says
Started Hive Console on TTY1
Started Hive
And i literaly freezes i cant type anything.
Its only that one gpu that makes a problem. The rest 3 work fine when i connect them without this one.
I tried connecting only that one gpu but it does the same it just freezes.

drivers arent installed on a per gpu basis. what card and what clocks? does the card work?

Its samsung Xfx rx 580 it works on
Core clock 1135
Core Voltage 850
Memory clock 2100
Memory voltage 800
And fan 60
The gpu works ,i took it of and connected it on my pc and instaled the 20.8 driver it work on that driver and it mines,although it wont go over 24.5 mhs i couldnt make that work even when i started mining so i left it mine like that.
Am not really familiar with hiveos so i dont wanna fk up things. But as far as i understod i should reinstal drivers so all 4 can work. The problem is a can give it any comand cuz it freezes.

Reflash your drive with the latest image to get the newest drivers/kernel. If you have other amd cards working, the driver isn’t your issue though.

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