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Hashrate Watchdog

I’ve looked this up and from what I can tell a Hashrate Watchdog is built into HiveOS. How do I activate and use this? I have my rigs available on MiningRigRentals but Everytime they get rented one of them soft-crashes and doesn’t recover. This isn’t a situation that would trigger a normal watchdog as the rig is still on/hasn’t crashed, just the DSTM/Bminer crashes and never recovers requiring a rig reboot.

Anyone know how to activate and use the Hashrate Watchdog?

In Dashboard click on the rig name. Under the list of cards there is “Tuning” button. On top of that window you can turn on Hasrate WD and configure it for each miner you use.

In my case, when single GPU fails, miner stops reporting to Hive, so recorded hashrate is 0. I configure WD so it reboots rig (without restarting miner first) - I get a clean and quick start. In hive logs I can check which GPU was making problems…

Wow, yeah right under my nose! Thank you!