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Hashrate watchdog on LHR cards OK now?

Hello all, I have 2 cards that occasionally and randomly (like every 4-8 days) will go ZZZ in hive os.
I’ve changed the clocks around and it still does it, because its so long and random I’ve been fighting this for months.
A reset fixes it every time and its good to go.

Problem is I can’t catch it everytime when it happens.
Can we use hashratewatch dog on LHR cards now? or will it keep rebooting excessively?

Any tips for setup if we can?


Hashrate watchdog works fine on lhr and non lhr cards, not sure what issue you’re describing you had before.

Open the miner in the shell and see what its saying why it’s not mining next time you have an issue though. It should tell you pretty quickly what the issue is.

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I don’t have any error message that my problem, the card shows ZZZ and no hashrate, even looking at miner log its like the card literally went to sleep, no warning message either??

card could be crashing if the miner isn’t showing any connection or other errors. what card and what clocks? on latest kernel?

asus 3060 dual mining ethh/ton core 1450 mem 2200
kernel 5.10.0-hiveos #83

whenever you have issues step #1 should be update everything. you’re on a image/kernel from November.

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I’ve done updates? I have to do a hive-replace to update that right?

I just checked my rigs, all say 5.10.0, is the number at the end the actual kernel? I thought the 5.10.0 was the kernal number?

hive-replace is easiest, or you can reflash with your pc and replace the rig.conf file. #110 is the latest

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just got finished doing it! I’ll give it a shot and see how it goes, how do I know when the kernel is updated or a new one available?

when a new stable image is released, announcements are posted on all the usual channels. discord/twitter/telegram/facebook etc.

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