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Hashrate watchdog no longer working

Good morning,

I noticed after the latest update, the hashrate watchdog doesn’t seem to be working anymore. Last night, I lost hash for 4 hours, and it never restarted the miner, or rebooted the box. I had to manually restart it.

Tried rebooting, and I did a test where I set the watchdog hash higher than my current hash, and it still did not alert or restart the miner process.

Any ideas? Thank you


I should mention the hashrate watchdog works with dstm-zcash, but not with ethminer.

FYI - found the issue. Looking at the watchdog logs, it was expecting a value in khs, but in the GUI, it asks you to put in values in mh/s. As soon as I added a few more zeroes, the watchdog works fine. Seems the GUI needs to be updated to reflect the value it’s expecting in khs, rather than mhs

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