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Hashrate watchdog /hive/bin/wd problems

It looks like the hashrate watchdog isn’t set up properly. If you use the hashrate watchdog by algo, it groups all the cuckoo based algos into one - “cuckoo”. This causes problems for the hashrate watchdog, because the hashrate on a 1080ti for cuckaroom29 is very different than the hashrate on a 1080ti for cuckatoo31.

It looks like the problem is in the /hive/opt/algomap files. Take a look at bminer.json for an example:

"algomap": {
        "stratum": "equihash",
        "ethstratum": "ethash",
        "ethproxy": "ethash",
        "zhash": "equihash 144\/5",
        "blake14r": "blake256r14",
        "aeternity": "cuckoo cycle",
        "cuckaroo29": "cuckoo",
        "cuckaroo29d": "cuckoo",
        "cuckaroo29m": "cuckoo",
        "cuckatoo31": "cuckoo",
        "beam": "equihash 150\/5",
        "beam+ssl": "equihash 150\/5",
        "beamhash2": "equihash 150\/5\/3",
        "beamhash2+ssl": "equihash 150\/5\/3",
        "vbk": "vblake2",
        "ckb": "eaglesong",
        "handshake": "bl2bsha3"

This should probably be corrected to:

 "cuckaroo29": "cuckaroo29",
        "cuckaroo29d": "cuckaroo29d",
        "cuckaroo29m": "cuckaroo29m",
        "cuckatoo31": "cuckatoo31",

gminer.json, kbminer.json, lolminer.json, and teamredminer.json all seem to have this same problem.

It would be great if you could fix this in the next release.


We are sorry, but so far we can’t fix it.