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Hashrate Watchdog full shut down button

Is there a way to make HiveOs fully shutdown or restart computer if hashrate Watchdog drops below minimum? Hiveos miner starts and reboot rig do not resolve LA or low hashrate issues unless a full restart is performed. I think it’s a motherboard issue. I have a Asus B250.

Hi! I have watchdog settings just as at your picture (except hashrate for miner) and HiveOS is forced to reboot if hashrate is lower than expected. But the rig is running a different MB :-). When I try to start HiveOS with ASUS B250 MB I have no access to network. Would you be so kind to check what actual kernel are you running? I’ll try to switch to it cause the latest do not have proper driver for integrated network card.

This is what errors I get

When you say kernel you mean for HiveOs or the motherboard?

For HiveOs. Thank you for reply, I’ve already managed to solve my problem using 5.0.21-hiveos kernel/

Any fixes for this issue, my rig has been running for some days, and when i once rebooted it i keep geting those errors. In my case the hashrate is 0 kh/s.