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Hashrate watchdog - bug

The problem appears when you have more than one miners in the same flightsheet. When the “Algos” mode is on, Hashrate Watchdog is considering as the total hash of an algorithm only the hash produced in the first miner that this algorithm is mined.

Example: if I have a flightsheet with lolminer and t-rex, both mining ETC. Suppose I have 300mh/s on lolminer and another 200mh/s on t-rex. If I enter any value above 300mh/s in the Hashrate Watchdog ETCASH algorithm it will restart the miner because it is not summing the hashrate produced in the 2nd miner.

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The hashrate watchdog algo section only tracks the first miner by design

It could be implemented in the future but requires an extensive reworking and not a top priority feature change at the moment. I did pass on the request to the team. Hope that answers your question.

I would say this is now a top priority with needed flexibility in be able to mine very differently than before when ETH was around im having the same issues with a bunch of my rigs requiring different miners for different cards for a algo that needs to be tracked its a needed item… Think its not and your platform will suffer as im already looking around… for a solution

The workaround for this would be to use “Miners” instead of “Algos”, but then again the same “bug” only tracks the first miner’s hashrate. So if the second miner crashes for example, it still doesn’t trigger.

Same “bug” with dual mining, the watchdog tracks only the first algo.

I agree with @iKon this should be a top priority now, along with proper support of dual mining all algos (instead of only ethash variants).

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