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Hashrate watchdog - bug

The problem appears when you have more than one miners in the same flightsheet. When the “Algos” mode is on, Hashrate Watchdog is considering as the total hash of an algorithm only the hash produced in the first miner that this algorithm is mined.

Example: if I have a flightsheet with lolminer and t-rex, both mining ETC. Suppose I have 300mh/s on lolminer and another 200mh/s on t-rex. If I enter any value above 300mh/s in the Hashrate Watchdog ETCASH algorithm it will restart the miner because it is not summing the hashrate produced in the 2nd miner.

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The hashrate watchdog algo section only tracks the first miner by design

It could be implemented in the future but requires an extensive reworking and not a top priority feature change at the moment. I did pass on the request to the team. Hope that answers your question.