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Hashrate Problems

I am running 2 AMD 560s and 1 AMD 580 on a Gigabyte GA-770T-USB3 motherboard running the most current non beta BIOS available with 2GB RAM and a Quad Core AMD CPU.

The board has 1 PCIE x16 slot and 4 x PCIE riser slots. I run the AMD 580 in the main PCIEx16 slot and then my 560’s are conencted to the risers. Everything runs as it should when I have this setup. I will be minig Ether at 27/MH on the 580 and 12/MH on the 560s.

When I add my 4th card (AMD 560) everything gets all messed up. My hash rate on 1 of the original 3 cards will drop by half and this will jump around between all the cards in my system, once I remove the 4th card everything goes back to normal.

I have replaced the PCIE adapter cards twice and that did not help, I installed a 120GB SSD drive rather than running on the USB but when I loaded the image to the SSD it didn’t use the entire drive just the 8GB it needed. I am not sure if the amount of drive space matters but I have noticed when the claymore dual miner launches it says I should a lot 16gb of HDD space per card, the HDD space limitation is the only thing I can see causing my issue other than maybe the amount of system RAM which shouldn’t even play into things.

I have tried various combinations on cards and slots and no matter combitnation used i have the same issue. The 4th card is good because it works fine when its just 1 of the 3 connected.

Any suggestions or thoughts on what I can try to get this sorted out, would be nice to connect my 4th card.

What size psu are you using ?

750W. my 560s pull about 60w a piece, they do not use the PCIE power connector. My 580 pulls 110W. basically im not even running half the power supply on full load.

Do you have specific OC in webui? I had strange problem once when I had 85 instead of 850 as voltage on last GPU

I am not running any OC at the moment. I was when I had all 3 560’s running but when I got the 580 i disabled it since it was different BIOS.

Hope you running HiveOS ?

yes I am running HiveOS