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Hashrate for Radeon RX570 4GB (Memory Samsung) - Low 17 MH/S

I tried a few overclocking lists but 17MH/S was the maximum hashrate I received, any good configuration suggestions to increase the Hashrate? :pray:

ETC and ETH reached the 4GB limit.

The maximum is about 20 MH/S but be aware that the card gets very hot at max Hash Rate and what is more important it could draw a lot of power from the riser. can end up in a melted riser cable.


Thanks for the clarification, so what is your recommendation what another option is more profitable???

Well i guess today (and this may change quick) mining ETH on 4GB is best option.
You can check this here:

After the 4 GB card stop working or the ETH price drops you could look for RVN (Power Hungy Algo). For Ravencoin you need a good PSU, good Risers and cabling. If your equipment is a bit weaker a very good option coud be XHV.This algo is takes less power.

However check Whattomine over a while cause the payout changes a lot and very often a coin is one day very high payed and than never seen in the top ten.

If I have been thinking about it, I have three interesting options, RaveCoin, Ethereum-Classic and Beam, but for now I will continue mining Ethereum until the system allows it, I think that although the hash rate is low it is still more profitable, thanks for you suggestion, if later you have more good suggestions, I would appreciate it if you shared it.

hi, do you mind sharing your overclocking specifications? I’ve got the same cards and can’t seem to pass 12 per GPU. thanks!

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