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Hashrate fall down after adding a new GPU

Hi Guys
I just added a new card to my rig and since I have some cards who drop in hashrate (and also in W) a few minutes after the reboot.
1 power supply 1050W with 33080 (98MH), risers, Mobo, CPU, … for a total of 770W.
1 power supply 1200W with 2
3070, (63MH), risers + the new 3080 card (98MH) for 480W.
With the new 3080 on PSU2, 2 cards 3080 on PSU 1 drop to 89 (and sometimes lower) and 90 for the second instead of 98MH/S !!! After they stay stable at those hashrate.
Where can the problem come from? (no problem of T° because they do not change before/after)? How to solve this?

These 3080s with 770 watts but you count only the cards right? Add some 150 watts for mobo cpu and other and you get 900 plus watts. Which is not enough because Psu have losses after comverting the power. So 1050 PSU brings 800 plus power to componets not 900+ .

770W (on the screen of the PSU 1) is with all : 3*3080, PSU 1 risers, Mobo, CPU, … (about 220W by 3080s). But it’s not the problem because before it’s worked.
PSU 1: GPU 0, 1 & 2 => 3080
PSU 2: GPU 3 => the new added 3080, GPU 4 & 5 => 3070
The problem of fall of hashrate on GPUs 0 and 2 on PSU1 appears when I added a 3080 (GPU 3) in PSU 2 :cold_face:
I cannot arrived to understand the link between or what is the problem?
Mobo H110 pro BTC+; extra power connectors connected with independant SATA, each risers with its own SATA, as well as for GPUs.