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Hashrate dropping to n/a when adding psu

Hi! i’m in desperate need for help

Situation and Problem:
I have currently 1 EVGA 3090 conected to my motherboard, it works… 127MH for ETH.
The issue arises when i add another 3090 with another psu conected through an add2psu

When i do that and turn everything on, neither of the gpu’s will hash anything (n/a).
Anyone knows what could be driving this issue?

Current setup/build:
this is my 5th worker, i have already 4 workers of 5 3090 each
My balance is 50usd in the farm, so i don’t think its a paid vs free user issue
psu’s are 700W
motherboard is asus ROG strix b-450 f gaming ii

As i said before, i currently have 1 gpu mining, but as soon as i connect another psu, it breaks

The question I have is;
How do you know that connecting the second PSU is causing the issue. Just to troubleshoot here, have you;

After each question, do you get the same results?

  1. Connected 2 different cards using 1 PSU?
  2. Connected 2 different cards using 2 PSU’s?
  3. Tried another add2psu board?
  4. Tried alternate PSU’s?

Need to eliminate first all other potential sources of the issue.

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