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Hashrate Dropouts - Same Time - 2 Different Rigs

Hash History

I have a very odd situation that I can’t figure out. The picture you see is the Hashrate history in HiveOS.

The top graph is rig 1. It has only AMD cards and is running PheonixMiner 6.0c
The bottom graph is rig 2. It has only Nvidia cards and is running LolMiner 1.47

As you can see, BOTH rigs are dropping hashrate for 10 minutes at a time, at exactly the same time. This is really unusual for Rig 1, which prior to upgrading to the latest HiveOS version it had a solid line for over 10 days straight with no dropouts.

Temps look good on both rigs. No Core temps on either rig are above 58 degrees, and all memory temps are 86 or lower.

Any thoughts on what would be causing this? Both rigs are mining to 2miners pool and mining straight ETH. This has been going on now like this since Sunday, March 27th.

Welcome any thoughts or suggestions on what my be happening here.

does the same show on your pool? if not it just means youre losing connection to the api server, not that your rig isnt mining.


Here is total hashrate for both rigs over the last 6 hours. According to HiveOS there were 10 minute dropouts at:

  • 5:35pm-5:45pm (pool reported 407mh)
  • 6:05pm-6:15pm (pool reported 523mh)
  • 6:45pm-6:55pm (pool reported 319mh)
  • 7:25pm-7:35pm (pool reported 465mh)
  • 7:50pm-8:00pm (pool reported 552mh)

My two rigs combined show 601Mh in HiveOS.

looks normal to me, theres no dips to 0 there

Thanks for confirming. So this is just a communication issue then on the HiveOS side and not a performance issue?

yeah most likely just a stat server/api issue

Looks like many others are experiencing the issue as well.

Might need to have the internal team look at something related to the last update possibly. Everything up until then (for me anyway) was very smooth and no gaps showing. Just some food for thought.

its just a visual glitch with the stats, not anything that impacted mining.

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