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Hashrate drop with [email protected] on AMD RX580

Hello, I see some odd behavior with my AMD RX580 after upgrade. Both cards start at 28 MH/s per card at the beginning on Phoenix miner and drops down to 14 MH/s per card after sometime. I did not change any settings on overclocking. Cards also hot now. Do you know what is happening?

Thank you.

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In any case, 28MH is not enough for RX580 without any upgrades, look for the problem on your side.

Hi, I think I have the same issue. Rig upgraded to the newest update and one of my RX470 Hynix (out of my 8x 1070ti & 1x rx470) starts to fluctuate after 1-2minutes. Hashrate drops from 23,9MH/s to 20,5MH/s and fluctuates 20-21,5MH/s. I didn’t change any settings. I’ve been sailing with this card at stable 23,9 MH/s. I’ve checked OC settings with amd-info and it looks like Core State and MEM index settings are not applied. I’ve set Core State 5 and MEM index 2, but amd-info shows Core State 1 and MEM index 1. Agressive mode is enabled, when I turn it off Core clock fluctuates from idle to 1000MHz.
Any help ?

[SOLVED] If you experience fluctuations, increase the fan to max and observe hashrate. I’ve replaced thermal paste, removed thermal pads completely and… hashrate jumped from 22MH/s to stable 30.2Mh/s. Even if GPU reported temp ~50oC, card felt too hot. Anyone knows how to read temps on memory in Hiveos ?