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Hashrate drop after moving gpus

I;m having major problems. I wasn’t booting so I burned a new hive image to usb. While system was down I removed 1 card and added 2 new ones. Total new cards = 470, 480 and (4) 570.

Did a firstrun using my old RigID. Only 4 cards were recognized of the 6. I removed all cards but the 470 and booted up fine but I didn’t try to mine. I added a 570 next. I started the miner and the 470 never gets above 8 Mh. The 570 starts at 28 but quickly drops to 12, then 8 Mh. I tried changing risers and different PSU. I also deleted the old OC profile, but after the firstrun -f completed.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

I figured this out. Z270E Mobo bios settings for PCI needed to be changed to Gen2.

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