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Hashrate displays incorrect units

I have a antminer L7 running hive os firmware. Currently overclocked to 10.1 Gh, but the hive farm displays 10 MH
And the watchdog hates it

Anyone have any ideas how to fix it

Please try updating to the latest version of firmware, you should be able to update through the web method, but if there is any issue you can reflash the sdcard as well.

Just finished updating to the newest version of the firmware, but it still shows incorrectly
When the unit is selected and you highlight the activity history it shows the correct amount, but not at the top right

Can you try a fresh install if you did the web update?

I can, the machines are in a remote location that I don’t frequent, so it’ll be tomorrow or the next day
I’ll make sure and post my findings after fresh flash

So now I have more than one machine reporting the hashrate incorrectly
both L7’s began reporting falsely after running the tuning to change OC
Both are one the most current Firmware, and both report the correct Hashrate elsewhere

I also just noticed L7U06 shows it’s set to the 9500 OC, but it is actually at 10GH
so both units mis-reporting the MH instead of GH are clocked to 10GH

I haven’t replied in a while, but I still have the issue. all machines have been updated to the latest firmware with freshly flashed SD cards.

Seems it’s still a bug, the devs are aware of it though.