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Hashrate Cut in Half

I created a test rig as I am a little new. Got it to run a 1050ti and old random 745 all at about 12 sols, lol. Yesterday while I was at work I saw that my temps were getting high so I remotely turned up the fan speed to about 50 and it dropped to like 67-65. Watched it online for a min. Came home later the miner had been off for like an hour or two, no crash report. Then when I turned it back on the hashrate dropped to 5 sols. it dropped 1 sol on the 745 and like 4 or 5 sols on the 1050ti. AT first I was using miniz miner, then switched to lolminer and it wouldn’t stop crashing after that. What is really going on? My motherboard is X370GT5 BIOSTAR Group, power supply is 550, i’m using external 1tb ssd, i’m mining FLUX.