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Hash rates have dropped on my LHR cards

Seemed to happen after I had the PCI-E connectors and splitters fry, and I replaced the power supply and installed new splitter(s).

The 3060Ti LHR was getting over 60 MH/s, the 3060 LHR was getting close to 50. Now they have dropped to pre-LHR hack levels. I have tried various miners (nbminer, gminer, t-rex, lolminer) same or similar rates.
I have also replaced the boot USB with a rebuilt one, and updated the NVIDIA Driver.

The newest nvidias drivers enable lhr locking. When updating nvidia drivers on lhr card rigs, use the stable flag. nvidia-driver-update -s

Also, your 3060 could use better ocs. Change the core offset to around 1500mhz locked core clock and remove the power limit

I will try reinstalling the Nvidia driver with that flag.
I was running 1500/3500 with no power limit, I was playing around with different overclocks to see if if changed anything.
Thanks for the tips.

THANK YOU! That fixed it. I gotta stop updating things so much, including drivers!


updating hive is fine, just gotta stay in the loop with updates and such.

if you ever have any potential software issues just flash the latest stable image on a fresh drive to test (this will include the a stable driver as well, so no need to upgrade/downgrade driver after that)

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