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Hash rate vs accepted shares. Low hash hig accepted shares/high hash low accepted shares?

Hi all. I have 2 rigs rig 1 with hash rate 250mh and rig 2 with hash rate aroun 400mh, still on the pool side there is accpted shares for rig 1 7991shares and for rig 2 6981shares.

What causes this difference in accepted shares so that rig with higher hash power get less shares than rig with low hash rate ?

Both rigs are all AMD cards and im using hive on linux. rig1= amd 8x gpu & rig2= amd 10x gpu

Maybe there is something i have missed and this is a “stupid” question…but i just dont get it.

If someone can take the time and explain the this shortly, it would be much appreciated. thanks

Repply to my self…

Rig with higher hashrate produces heavier shares, which are more profitable, but harder to solve.

On the other hand - lower hashrate rigs produce way more shares, but they are lighter and less expensive.

A noob thing i suppose, but somehow i have missed this one. Now i know, hope this post helps someone.

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Using forum search also can helps

Well thanks for the info…i know how to use search. i found the answer allready as u can see.

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