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Hash rate & Pay outs are hugely different between Hiveos and Hiveon Pool

Its my first day in hiveos,

I have 2 miners in hiveos with a total hash rate of 400mh/s(370+30). They worked for about 22.5 hours and the payout should be around 0.011475 ETH. But by far it is 0.004 ETH pending.

So I checked the payout tab and the hiveon pool page.It seems the pool gave me a mean hash rate of about 200mh/s, half of 400mh/s. and my 30mh/s miner is missing.

Why is this happening?

thx folks

Browser cache? Force reload page.

But also looking to your screenshot you have too much invalids and stale shares. More than 10% it’s too much …

i know, i just changed the oc settings minutes ago, that should be fine.
but the real problem is that the report hashrate is half of the hiveos hash rate(about 395 mh/s now)

cache cleared and re-checked , the problem has not changed

If these two pay outs had been distributed to the 2 addresses I set, then the total pay out is OK.
But by far no transaction has been made and both the 2 miners are using only 1 address in flight sheet.
So, I dont really know what the situation is.

I maybe find something.
I changed the address in the middle of day,.Is there any possiblity that the pool distributed the payout pending in 2:33pm to the two addresses, so the total payout is divided by half.

Sure if change wallet then Average 24h will reset and expected calculation will not display correctly for some time

now i delete 1 wallet , am i gonna lose the pending pay out distributed to the wallet?

No you can mine to it later or switch later.

Also read this

thx dude, u r most helpful.
guess i will wait another day to see if its running well

dude you see your graph is not full in the pools page , its showing only half of a day but its set to show you 24hours. its normal to state only half of the hashrate because according to it , your rig worked 12 hours out of 24.

That is right.i changed the wallet by the. Middle. Of day, now it’s working well

Your have 2 miners with the same name so Hiveon Pool shows reported on one of them which in this case your 30Mh miner. You should rename them separately so that Hiveon can distinguish. How to rename depends on which miner you are using.

thx dude, im gonna try it

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