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Hash rate in nanopool smaller than in hiveos

I apologize right now if I already have a similar topic. I started mining a few days ago, however I can’t understand why in the hive system my hash rate is from 28mh/s to 30mh/s while in nanopool it is showing only 10mh/s at 14mh/s. Could someone help me? So far I have had no shared invalidity by the pool. The board is overclocked at 300mhz on memory and power limit of 65W.

It’s Ok that hashrate is lower:

  • ERGO miners has 2-2.5% devfee (2.5% for nanominer for example). Devfee included to overall hashrate;
  • Hive OS reports hashrate from miner’s API. Pool has Current Calculated Hashrate and Average Hashrate for last 6 hours both calculated on shares which received by pool.

Yes, more mark around 50% of the hash rate has left me a little worried, even more so that I’m starting now.
Thanks more for explaining.

Hi, you should be not Okay with that result, its has some bugs, i have 2 rigs running ergo with the same Hashrates! and 1 of them is exact the same hashrate reported on nanopool, the other one is reduced by half. And its not NORMAL! You will be never get the what you deserved like these! You should try reboot the rig, or change the command line change the version or anything! it should be at least almost same! it doesnt make any sense reduced by half and also the reward will be reduced too! i tried some of way and get the speed at least same for both my rig now…fortunately i have 2 rigs as comparison if not i will be like fools that accepting ive been cheated

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