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Hash rate bounces(320h/s-15000h/s) on ryzen 9 (7900x), 24GB RAM

I am having a problem with Hash rate. I am using hive OS (XMrig new).Hardware:Ryzen 9 7900x16 + 8 GB of RAM

The problem is that hash rate bounces from ~300 h/s to ~15000 h/s.

Any thoughts?

First i would flash the beta hive image so you can see cpu temps.

Whats the miner log say when the dips happen?

This is a new version.

Vrms have proper cooling? Have you tried other pools/coins?

180w tdp (air). Yes, I tried others, but the same.

What motherboard? What settings for clock/voltage?


clock/coltage: default

Okay thats your issue. Stock voltage + no vrm cooling. Id suggest you return that board and buy one better suited for mining. My favorite is the gigabyte b650m ds3h set at base clock @ lowest stable voltage

ok, thx.

I’ll try to set voltage. Can you share your settings?

A series chipsets dont support overclocking controls.this is why b series chipset boards with good vrm cooling is what people reccomend for cpu mining

Base clock for 7900x is 4700mhz, and lowest voltage is unique to to each individual cpu/board

I finally succeeded!!! :slight_smile:

What I’ve done:

  1. Updated BIOS from 1.3v to 1.6 v. and a new option appeared(AMD overclocking) in the menu.
  2. And then I chose this.

    And the speed stabilized! :slight_smile:

Not much but better than it was :slight_smile:
Thanks to all :wink:

But the truth is that in Windows XMRig produces more 14600 H/s