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Hash power give away are you in the list?

Hi there,

Any one knows this wallet? 0x3f9963823d6b75bf28afa738a82b95b2028d6083

I and others 26 people are giving away hashpower to that wallet.

Please check if you are a donor:

Any comments?

:roll_eyes: :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Melanda,

I also want to know the owner of wallet.

This morning he/she also got into my miner and it change the destination wallet. Seems like he got more miner under his/her control.

What I wonder is how he was able to change the ethminer config remotely.

I used pheonix miner on windows for almost a month and it was running without issue.

I changed to hiveos last Thursday and my miner got hacked.

Anyone else experienced this? And how did you managed to stop this hacker?

I had to reload the whole config to mine back to my wallet, but he/she got in again.

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