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Has anyone noticed a high failure rate in 30 series?

I have several hundred 30 series cards and almost all my Strix and 3080 FTW3 have this issue, they will be mining fine on my Asus Z390-P and as I am phasing that board out for the Biostar Expert/Pro 2.0 boards I find my GPU tend to “die”

They work completely fine, board swap, and then they just show 0 GPU

When I remove the GPU to my Windows test bench the GPU will boot but no longer post. I have to assume some driver issue is happening but how am I to fix these issues if the GPU shows up empty in the PCI Slot on my Windows machine?

if the gpu isnt showing up in windows its not gonna be a driver issue if its happening on linux too. i have 100+ 30 series, mostly evga and FE though. most have been running for 1-1.5 years and havent had a single one fail aside from a few asus cards fans (3060 phoenix, 3060ti mini, and strix 3080)

Which OC have you been using?

Right which is why im trying to narrow my possible issues out here

Not really relevant here tbh

Sounds like something is getting shorted out in the process of you removing and reinstalling them in the new system.

In your eyes what point of failure would cause the short? I unplug my server PSU before doing anything to a rig

It’s tough to say without knowing the setup/process/conditions etc. How many have you had fail in this way? Have you sent any in for rma/ to see exactly what part failed?

EVGA and asus send back blank error reports for the RMAs

Id say 20 my last 100 3080tis have died

That’s crazy high, gotta be something with your setup or process.

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