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Hardware Setup recommendations


My goal is to build mining „farm“ with 26x 3060TI s (LHR)

Would you recommend 1, 2 or 3 Rigs ? As far as I know the LHR lock is not a problem and can get unlocked 100%

Which hardware would you recommend for stable functioning like motherboard, cpu, RAM and so on?

The last question is, is it good to build a farm right now or will after the merge the profitability drop massive on other coins that we would normally use to mine ?

you’re not going to get 26 cards on one rig, and keep in mind there’s a good chance mining will not be profitable whatsoever for some time in less than a month. if youre mining for fun and have free electric then by all means, build away. if youre looking for any reasonable return on buying gpus, youre a bit late. theres a reason gpus are in stock everywhere now. if i were you, id get a single card and experience mining eth for a few weeks, and do lots more research on what’s likely to happen post merge.

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