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Hahsrate drops for seconds and comes back

Hello. I’m having a weird problem with the latest hiveos update. I’m using ot-rex for nvidia plates and team read miner for 2 amd plates, they were the only miners that got good results with my plates. it was running for 20 days without errors, however, after the update, my hashrate keeps dropping from 31 to 28-21 mhs, for a few seconds and after that it goes back to 31 mhs. I tried other miners and that doesn’t happen, only with team read miner. But with other miners it receives many invalid and rejected shares, I can’t get consumption and overclocking right with other miners. Has anyone else gone through this? I’ve already downgraded the miner and hive os and the problem continues. Thanks

Rx 590 is quite pumped.
The 3070 might use a bit more core.

But my problem is this, hashrate dropping for a few seconds and comes back after

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