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Hacking ? : Hash losed, how is possible?


I don’t understand how i lose 311Mhs and my rig work correctly …

Look my pictures : My rig works to 311 Mhs and in the, these 311 are not reported. How is possible… My rig works for another account ???

I saw the same yesterday, but i thounth it was a error of the site, but today it’s really important !!!

Look between 20h00 and 00h00 works good…

but in the site, the 311 are not reported for the same period…

However no error on my rig… What’s APPEND … ??? It is an Hacking rig … ???

I am shocking for this… really, It seems than my rig works for another people…


I am dealing with the same issue, i have asked Hive support team for resolution to this issue. Used the old OS for 10 months with no hack, forced to switch to the new OS and now being hacked. Hopefully this issue will be addressed or will switch to another OS. Currently my efforts are not profitable. Let’s see what the support team comes back with.