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Hacked Hiveos

Someone is hacking accounts and changing the the tuning of the miner. I have the user in my account history. I looked him up in ethermine he has 66 miners… might be you !

Hello. My HiveOs account is down, too. I’ m signed in, but can’t see my worker/farm. Looking over profitability, on HiveOn, is still there and working…
Is it a hack ? Or a temporary mainenance ?
Thank you !

Same happened to me. I had to reset my password before I could sign in correctly. Once I reset my password my rigs appeared again. Check your miners “tune” for an address that over rides your own.

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Thanks a lot. It works, now

Yep I had this going on too. Unknown logins for months; sometimes as many as three or four an hour, didn’t do anything, or did they? My question is how did they grab my impossible to guess unique to HiveOS password to be able to log in. Are passwords stored in plain text?