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H110 Pro BTC+ AsRock - 1 GPU only :(

Just got my first H110 and am trying to build my rig out, BIOS upgraded to 1.6.0 Linux HiveOS, it only detects 1 GPU in the PCI_2 slot (long one). Building it out with 2 3070’s to start. If I switch which card is plugged in to the main slot it detects it fine, but not the other. So I believe my riser/cable is fine, since whichever one I plug into the main slot it detects. Tried GEN2 and then changing to AUTO. The bios shows 2 red bars to whichever 2 PCIE I am plugged into.

Any suggestions

1 GPU plugged into the long one, the other is plugged into the one closest to the CPU(have tried others)

Does the 2nd GPU power up?

Yes it seems like the motherboard is extremeley finicky with put in this slot, boot, load driver, power down. ac down, add 1 card in next slot, repeat. Ive noticed that in BIOS if you do the PCI Auto detect, if its red, the hiveos wont see it, but if its green it will. How could this mobo be this finicky? This is what everyone says is one of the best. smh?!

Does it really require 6 reboots to add 6 cards?!

I have two of those MOB and don’t have that problem. I do put some insulation between each of the PCI slots because they’re so close to each other because have heard others mentioning they’re so close they can short out. Was just making sure you were powering each of the risers, but if you are then that’s not the problem.

yes, they are very close, i wonder what people put in-between them to make sure the risers arent shorting each other, that could be a possibility, any suggestions on how to insulate ?

I would like to just space them out but the document seems to say load the gpu next to each other from CPU down. Are you having success plugging them in “out of order”?

I’ve skipped, but I think I’ve always added from CPU down/out. One rig I have 12 on and have a skipped one near the middle and it works fine.

I use good old electrical tape. Sticky sides together with a little bit of paper inside to give a little bit of stiffness. Slip it in between works great. :slight_smile:

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this worked great, all green on pcie detection with the electrical tape!

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