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[Guide] How to OC/UV manually and achieve persistence

Wrote this little guide for anyone interested.

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I honestly love you for writing this, thank you. The Hive people should be ashamed that they were not the source of this information and instead have that clown (cannot remember his handle) trying to sell everyone on amdmemtweak and that dead-on-arrival amd driver script that still doesn’t work. I have been basically following your steps with the exception that I have been using the rocm-smi tool (I would prefer to use the kernel as well but, you know… Hive is going to “Hive.”

My commands are essentially:

#rocm-smi -d (gpu) --setfan 45%
#rocm-smi -d (gpu) --setsclk 0
#rocm-smi -d (gpu) --setmclk 3

and I get 38mh/s from my vegas with ZERO rejected shares and it’s as stable as a concrete slab.