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GTX 980 ti Golden Edition

I am new to Hiveos and i have a question i am not sure if its already been answered somewhere in this forum but here goes

i Have two nvidia cards that i would like to know if it is possible to have them run separate algos on the same rig …currently i am mining DAGGERHASHIMOTO on both 1060 and 980 cards i am getting 21mh/s and 3mh/s respectly and i am mining RANDOMXMONERO on the cpu …is there a way that i can have the 980 mine a separate ALGORITHM

Sure you can.
In this case you need 3 different miner to do this: 1 for 1060, 1 for 980 and 1 for CPU.
Fo GPUs you’ll need set for every miner in extra miner settings which GPU will be used by miner.
See :information_source: for tips & examples

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Thank you