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Gtx 970 for installation

Also has anyone had any problems installing with a gtx 970 4gb in the 16x pcie slot? It was recognizing my gtx 1060 6gb and let me install it perfect but the card busted and that was my only one but I’ll be getting a new one from the place i bought it from in a few weeks. But the only next best nvidia card I have is a msi gtx 970 4gb or two evga 770’s 2gb one oc version. I know it says not to use the amd card to install beause xserver will crash and when i try to use my amd r9 390 card it’ll go through installation screen and right before it gets to launching it freezes, i’m guessing that’s the xserver crash the installation mentions… So I tried to install with my gtx 970 and I think it brings me to the screen to log in and it lets me type in my username but won’t let me type anything for password. Not sure if it is the same login screen that allowed me to install and setup just fine with my gtx 1060 because I don’t have that card at the moment but the screen is zoomed in with larger text and it asks for username and password. I’ll post a pic when i try again here soon if I can! Any help is appreciated! thanks!

nevermind! haha i figured it out, i’m an idiot lol