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GTX 750 Ti 4GB Graphic Card Hashrate

Hello everyone.
I have 3 questions.
how much is GTX 750 Ti 4GB Graphic Card’s Hashrate ?
How much money can I make mining with a GTX 750 Ti 4GB?
What’s the Best Cryptocurrency To Mine (Can make more money) now (2021/08) with GTX 750 Ti 4GB?
Thanks a lot.

With that card you can earn about 0.5$ a day, if you dont pay electricity then…

Tnx for reply.
In which crypro currency we can earn 0.5 usd/day?

Maybe raven or doge, because I think you cannot mine eth with 4gb cards

do you know a website to check profitability of this graphic card in variant crypto currencies?


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