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Gtx 3080 px1 suggestions and h110 Motherboard help

Hi! I’m new to the crypto mining aspect and just set up a rig on an Asrock

H110 motherboard. I put in the RTX 3080 and is working great. But it seems like I am able to overclock it quite a bit and I was wondering if anyone had better settings to pull as much hashrate as possible. Please see current OC settings attached.

But secondly, when I add more than one card the BIOS won’t boot and show the screen saying I have two power of both Molex connectors to the power supply to have more than one card. But I already have those power directly to a breakout board via pcie to Molex splitter. I know it’s a pain your power because when I power on the power supply it powers on whatever fans and whatnot that those Molex connections address without turning on the motherboard.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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