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Gtx 1660 ti shows as rtx 2060

I run hiveOs(5.4.0) with 6 gtx 1660 ti and nvidia drivers 460.67.
Only 1 of my gtx 1660 ti shows as rtx 2060.
Does anyone know why is this happening?
Thank you very much!

Update drivers

Hello and thanks for the answer. I did update the drivers but nothing changed.
I also put this card in Windows machine and also there recognized as rtx 2060.
I think i might try to flash gtx 1660 bios in the card.

Update hive and your miners

Change GPU port and try

I am also having the same issue! Have you resolved it yet? I have a feeling with everything I have done, that this is not a hive issue so to say but a GPU issue.

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updated and did everything still not detected. I even switched risers.

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