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GTX 1660 super MSI minimum power limit

Hey guys, just installed 2 MSI ventus oc 1660 super, they run as others 1660 super except for power limit that doesn’t go under 80W instead of 71W as i put on the OC settings.

i think that minimum PL is 70w for those GPU, it’s a bug or what?

With new UI functions just set as core 900 and -1004 for mem no PL. Check the results.

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it seems improved by 0,05 mh/s. but still at 80W

I also have exactly this problem. With a PALIT GeForce® GTX 1660 SUPER StormX 6G. Have you found a solution yet?

Same here, the strange fact is that after some rebooting some cards start to respond to power limit.

i have two ventus that never goes under 78-80w, so probably is something related to the hardware

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