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Gtx 1660 Samsung memoy

I got a gtx 1660 samsung memory and i could get only 25mh at 60 watt at the wall using 1300 core 1400 memory. any way to get it to 27 like micron memorys ?

Hi! I have 1400 does not hold, what are your settings now?

Hello. my new setting are -700 core 1200 memory getting 24mh stable at 70watts

Thanks! I’ll try this setting myself. Now there are two such cards, one is configured: -250, 1100, 75w, the second: 1300, 1100, 70w. Testing. Both settings also give 24mh.

Do all your fan levels drop out too on samsung memory?

it happend once on the msi one. other than that its fine. just lower the memory.