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GTX 1080 Ti lower hashrate

Okey so I have 4 Asus Strix GTX 1080Tis that are driving me insane. I have made a whole Excel sheet with different parameters and the hashrate it gives for each of the cards in my rig. Only one of them is unable to hit 45mh/s + but for some reason when all the cards are online together the hashrate is lower. I maybe get one of the cards that does 45mh/s even though 2 others are fully capable of the same hashrate. I can find a OC for one of the 3 45mh/s + cards that puts it at around 45,33mh/s, but the moment I OC one of the other cards this hashrate drops. The tuning of one card for some reason messes with the hashrate of another card. I am completely unable to get all 3 cards to 45mh/s when they are online together. What is causing these cards to act up and drop hashrate for no reason?

Additional information: 2x PSU both under 80% load and GPUs are not hitting powerlimit

What miner are you using? Are you using the eth pill or the miners built in memory tweak?

Trex miner, tried lolminer too but same result. I have tried both ethpill and memory tweak and it basically gives the same outcome…

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