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GTX 1080 Mobile "unknown memory"


I bought a pair of GTX 1080 Mobile (they were really cheap) including heavy cooling blocks and a pair of noisy, powerful fans. I also found a MXM to Pci-e 1x adapter. Now I can use these cards for mining on my pc. I did not move them to my rig. I wanted to be sure that they are working by their own. Now I am sure. They can mine.

But, I guess the drivers needed for them are not right. Hiveos can’t read their ram brand (it is Micron). I can’t activate pill, or can’t make any overclock. I can’t even lower the max power limit. I guess this is due to the driver. Hiveos does not recognise these cards as “gtx 1080 mobile”, but it recognises them as “gtx 1080”.

I am noob on linux. Does hiveos support standard linux drivers? Can I download 1080 mobile driver from Nvidea website and setup that on Hiveos? And how can I do that?