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GTX 1080 ETHPill OC Question

I have a rig mixed with 3070, 3060ti, and 1 x 1080 FTW. Everything is running great, but my 1080 is only able to push 25 MH/s without the pill. If I enable the pill within the individual OC settings for the card it shows as enabled for all 3000 series cards attached to the same rig, and the 1080 errors out with the pill enabled. Do you need to use the delay and the cmd line params settings as well? Thanks

That is strange behaviour. Could you first try to isolate the card (disconnect the other cards) so you can find a stable setting for the GTX 1080?

My GTX 1080 works if I use a delay of -20, ie a negative delay. Positive values crashes the card.

Mine does the exact same thing, same Hash, same mixd gpu setup. When I try and enable the EthPill 1080s error out.

Is there a code line to make it that the EthPill is only active for specific GPUs?

İf you use just nvidia you can try t-rex miner -10 but when you change overclock settings you must restart again your hiveos

Yes, please see the screenshot above. Field name is pill cmd Line params

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