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GTX 1080 crashes on any overclock

Hi everyone,
I have a rig with 2 different 1080s and a RX 570 8GB. With my 1080s no matter how low or OC them on windows or hive, it just crashes and none of them can handle any sort of OC. RX 570 on the other hand I just undervolted and OC and went from 24 MH/s to 31MH/s. Also when I lets say switch flightsheets or miners it just doesnt seem to work again and I have to setup hive all from the beginning. What ends up happening like right now that my 1080s crfashed after OC, lol miner only recognizes my RX 570 and mines with that. I restart the miner, reboot the rig and nothing. I have to start all from the beginning again by flashing Hive onto the ssd and go from there.
If anyone can help me with the 1080 OC problem that would be great as I only get 30 and 31 MH/s with Ethlargement pill.

Thank you

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I don’t know if this is an option for you, but run it on windows. I’ve 2 GTX 1080s and both of them instantly crash with any mem OC. On windows, they run perfect.

Also, no need for the pill - just use --mt 3 in TRex-Miner

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