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GTX 1070 won't start mining (GP104)

I have two 1070 GTX and one 1080 GTX running in a small rig. The have been running for 2 months without any problems. But yesterday one of the 1070 stopped working. Since then i have changed the riser, 6pin power, updated the kernel, tried to back roll to older driver but it never finished.

I know this may seem like a stupid question but have you tried change slots GPU0 & GPU2 to see if they makes any different.


Yes, i have tried this, the problem follows the gpu.

What driver are you running, i am fairly positive a new Nvidea driver was released yesterday?

0.6-203@210512 - Released: 2021-05-12 maybe worth a try…

Also you could probably get your temps down a little -


Witam, mam prawie identyczną sytuację (u mnie 2 z 6 1070 się wysypały) i też szukam pomocy. Czy Tobie udało się rozwiązać problem? Z góry dziękuje za każdą pomoc.

Hey guys, I’ve got the same issue here with a GTX 1070 gp104 not working, any update on this recently?

I’ve fixed the issue and it was from a lack of alimentation.
Changing the alimentation and the GPU works fine! Hope it helps

I have learned with the gtx 1070 if it gets to cold it will not mine what are your overclocks for that card

Anybody know how to fix this problem, I am suffering from it.

I read through all the post, looks there is no solution, still?

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