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GTX 1070 Samsung memory

I searched in many places for the right config for GTX 1070. I’ve never found treads that complain Samsung 1070 Settings. I got 26,8 MH/s with Core 135 / Mem 1120 / PL 122 configs, that is the best conf i found atm. If i push it a bit more i get high temps, same as reducing the parameters.
Anyone got the right settings for GTX 1070 (eVga) with Samsung GDDR5? (that can make more than i’m doing right now with stability and preventing it to burn)
Thank u!

My OC for 1070 Samsung memory mining at 27,6 MH/s is:

  • 150 Core
  • 500 Mem
  • PL 140
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I have same issue i have mine at 120 core 600 mem pl 150 (it only pulls 134 but i have to set to 150) i get only 27.8. I used to get 28.8 seems samsung mem cards get shit memory all the micron cards go 29-32…

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