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GTX 1070 Bios mode?

Hello I would like to ask I have 3 Gtx 1070 and it only reaches 25-27mh/s is there the best overclock method or a Bios mod it?

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Forgot to mention I tried to make the memory 1350 for the 1070 but it kept on crashing when mining for 2hours

I have the same issue with all my 1070’s. They hash lower and lower all the time, heat is a factor for them, it’s summer now , too much heat, the hashrate has dropped a bit. but I used to get 30 ish Mh/s, now lucky to get consistent 27. I use Core of 150 to 190 on most with 900 memory. range between 127 and 130 watts power… seems to be the highest output, mostly stable on most of my 120 GTX1070 cards…

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