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GTX 1060 6GB 15mh/s instead of 24. helps

Hello !
I see so many configs / test / rigs using 1060 6GB.
After building all my 5 rigs, i was left with a few 1060 6GB cards.

Considering how high Eth is right now, I figured i’d use them. I see everyone between 22-26 mh/s.
And here I am, with 15, full overclock. I hit 16 once.

Anyway, any idea / config that could help me with this ?

you need to adjust the the PL and MC:

Hey thank you for replying.
I believe I applied the settings right ?

I lost 0.40 mh doing so.
Or am I missing something ?
Thanks tho !

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tôi cung bi như vây

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