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GTX 1050 ti On Claymore Dual Miner

I am mining Expanse with slightly OC’d GTX 1050 ti cards. I have 2 rigs of 6 each. Since the most recent update 0.5-30. I keep getting GPU Errors about every hour. The system fires off a watchdog error and reboots.

This did not happen on the .26 version. Any suggestions or help anyone could provide would be appreciated.

You can see by the hash rate drops on the graph in the image this is happening frequently and it is only my GTX 1050 Ti cards. The rest are running fine (1060, 1070 and RX480, 570 and 580s) . I suspect an issue with the update or a change with Claymore. If the Devs could chime in if they are seeing this issue elsewhere and if so any time frame on a resolution.


Hash Rate Info

You can downgrade to prev. version of HiveOS or downgrade Claymore Dual Miner to 10.x
Or wait when Claymore fix issue in miner and this changes come to HiveOS

Thank you for the reply. I will try to downgrade and see if that fixes my issue.

Did that fix it? I’m running into a similar issue.

Dear customers, it’s really easy to download previous version of claymore, stop mining and replace claymore 11 with prev version. Just a bit of knowledge of ssh, scp and *nix console. Really. I could write a manual if you want to. But the most productive miner for eth is excavator. I’ve tried it on hiveos - perfect and stable mining for about 6 hours 195-197MHs on 8 p106-100 cards. But it’s not implemented in hiveos monitoring and wallets configs, so its hard to configure it manually.
Dont post similar topics “oh no, claymore hashrate is bad”, just take ur hands and fix it.