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GRUB Rescue mode

I installed HiveOS on a jump drive and was mining Ether just fine using Claymore dual miner. I thought I would try a different coin so decided on Metaverse ETP which required me to use Phoenix miner. Hive installed Phoenix and then I was able to mine ETP at a great hashrate and very stable. I ran it for 24 hours then decided I would switch back to Ether mining.

I sent commands from the Hive browser but they didn’t take (such as stop mining and sending a new flight sheet) I decided to hard reboot the system but when I did got the error:

error: file ‘/boot/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod’ not found
entering rescue mode.

I have been able to get to the GRUB screen. However all my research states I need to get to “/boot” directory. I cannot find a boot directory in the system so am assuming that HIVEOS structures this differently. Is it possible to repair this error or is it better to just reimage the drive. I am not a Linux expert by any means.

I was considering installing the HIVE system on my SSD drive and setting up a dual boot as my rig also runs Windows 10.