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Green screen

I’m having a problem with my rig, it mines for a while and after the green screen, my video cards are the rx 6800 16gb and a rx 570 8gb. someone went through this problem or can you help me

guys if someone is going through this, I managed to solve the problem, I was messing with the core clock and memory clock, the first video card I programmed on hive os was the rx 570, and I’m starting to believe that AMD cards follow a standard, always the memory clock almost doubles in relation to the core clock, “example core clock 1000 memory clock 2000”
so with this configuration my computer stopped giving this error, if i’m wrong i’m sorry, i’m just a beginner, but this was the diagnosis i made and solved my green screen problem.
if someone with more knowledge has gone through this and can give a tip, I would be very grateful.!
note: even indicating to mine kawpow: RVN, K1Pool, is mining very good etherium.

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