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Gram mining

Hello everyone.
I hope you be rich
I need to know profitbly of rx580 on GRAM MINING for 1 card.

If you have one, set up a flight sheet and tune your clocks til youre happy with the results, then plug in that hashrate into the calculator here: Top-earning GRAM mining pool

If you dont have one and are curious if its worth buying one, i would heavily recommend you buy something modern instead.

I have 15 rx580s

Does anyone have any GRAM OC settings for the 570/580s? I cannot seem to get running stable. Nothing on or

Generally not going to be worth running any hardware thats 3-4 generations old, but gram is core only, so memory as low as possible to save power, and core as high as you want your power draw/temps

I’ve manged this stable so far. The Vega56 is a pain however.