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GPU's fan and temp not shown

Hi to everybody! Please, can you explain what happend. I have 12 gpu rig.

MB: Esonic (ITZR B250-BTC-Gladiators 12+).
CPU: G3900
HiveOS: 0.5-43

Thank you!

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because CPU load averages on your rig is too high HiveOS tools cant access to hardware in time

Thank you for your answer! I try use top in ssh and i not see a high cpu load. I’ll check again on Monday. What can i do? I’ll must change a CPU or anything else? Thank you!

Hello everyone , am having the same problem how can i fix it . thank you in advance for your attention .

i’d check a cpu load. Tell me please. What can i do with it? Thank you very much

I have the same problem on an Asrock h110 Pro BTC+.
CPU load is full. Any solution?

Check this

This problem with only nvidia) This rig the same. Just AMD.

Tell me please. What does it mean?

i have also same issue in only 6 gpu so please what can i do

What OC you use?

core clock- +50
memory clock- +300
fan 90%
power- 80%

try pl - 100-110

OK DONE ither same problem has happen then i am massage you
and one think can i use 13 gpu in one rig because my motherboard support 13 gpu

After OC you must make reboot.

now i am oc is core clock = -100

memory clock = +1500
fan = 80%
power = 80 watt
is it write

same problem happen

try stock value oc core, memory, pl.

What miner you use? If Clay try ethminer

this type of problem only happen when electricity suddenly gone

and i am also try stock value but same problem happen when elctric suddenly gone